[gardeners] Merry Christmas

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 10:06:04 -0600

Merry Christmas from wet, frozen Mississippi.  I'm sitting here
looking out at my back yard and garden, covered in ice.  Several
trees have been hit really hard - one maple will probably have to 
come down, because there's just nothing much left - all the top
limbs are broken off (the top went two years ago);  the river birch,
normally about 30 feet tall, is almost touching the ground;  I'm
very concerned about the Bradford pear in front - many in my area
have split to the ground in storms this year, and mine is now showing
a distinct cleavage in the branches, although I haven't looked to see
if the trunk is actually split.  It's been so warm that many plants were
budding out, but this happens fairly often, and the old-timers have
adapted, I hope.  

But, the icicles are pretty, and the streets aren't too bad, so while
plants have suffered, we haven't had lots of wrecks.

Those of you who also subscribe to Gardens have been observing
the rancor there. I hate to see that happen, and maybe they'll calm
down soon.  I'm just leaving a job where the stress and dissension
for me had just gotten too high;  Gardens brings more into my life;
another list I'm on (Astrophotography) is also currently having a
civil war; Gardeners seems like a peaceful island in the midst
of strife.  So I wish you all Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness.  Tonight
I'll go to church for Christmas Eve Communion, explore once again
what Christmas means to me personally, and try to leave behind
the stresses of what was.  My garden, which was dreadfully neglected
this past year (due mainly to work), and I will start afresh for 1999.

So I wish for you all a safe, enjoyable, *stress-free* holiday, however you
choose to celebrate it.  

Harry Boswell               hboswell@netdoor.com
USDA Zone 8