[gardeners] In the garden on a Thursday

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 12:11:24 -0600

Had to shut the lights off in the greenhouse early this am and then open
the door all the way - it was getting close to 90F in there. I'm wearing
a tee shirt and shorts right now and have the house opened up again.
What happened to winter? Would you believe we have tomatoes ripening on
the vine? Yup, some we covered with a plastic covered "box" when the
frost hit are now ripening fruit - On New Year's Eve!! Oh well, we'll
take whatever blessings are offered. Looks like we'll have the first BLT
of the year on New Years Day instead of early May.

Went to the store yesterday and they had Texas Rio Red grapefruit on
sale for $2.99 for eighteen pounds. I started the world's largest batch
of grapefruit marmalade today. Will finish it up tomorrow because I have
to go buy more sugar. The original recipe called for 4 cups and the
revised one calls for 40 cups. I am starting a twelve step program for
preservaholics. Last years batch of grapefruit marmalade was such a hit
with family and friends I couldn't resist making another batch.

Got to poking around in the herb garden this morning and found, pay
close attention, basil seedlings. Looks like the basil I let go to seed
has had babies, in late December. Thank you La Nina! Of course we'll
probably have another freeze soon and kill everything that's coming up
out of season.

What a weird year for us weatherwise - drought, floods, unseasonably
warm weather. What's next?

Anyhoo, a Happy New Year's to all the Gardeners and I hope you're all
doing well

George, Anne, and Sleepy Dawg Shirley