[gardeners] Cyndi Johnson's Catalog of Gardening Catalogs, 17th edition

Kay Lancaster (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 19:32:04 -0800 (PST)

Because of delays getting it on the website, Cyndi has graciously allowed
us to make the catalog lists available by autoresponder. 

Thanks again to Cyndi for all her hard work over the years, and to my
husband, who put the autoresponder together just the way I wanted it.  

To get a copy of a section, send an email to the correct address below. 
Subject matter and message text can be anything.  The first column lists
approximate size of the file that will be sent. Because of the nature of
our internet connection, your files may not come for an hour or so... send
another email if the delay is longer than that.  Questions?  Bug me at

  size   requests to:                    you'll get
  ----   -----------------               -------------

  400K  all-txt@fern.com                all catalogs

  122K  aquatic-txt@fern.com            aquatic plants
    7K  bamboo-txt@fern.com             bamboo suppliers
    7K  bonsai-txt@fern.com             bonsai suppliers
   19K  bulbs-txt@fern.com              bulb suppliers
   12K  cactus-txt@fern.com             cactus and succulents
   40K  canada-txt@fern.com             Canadian suppliers
    4K  carnivor-txt@fern.com           carnivorous plants
    3K  clematis-txt@fern.com           clematis
                                        chrysanthemums: see "mums.txt"
    6K  dahlias-txt@fern.com            dahlias
   36K  daylily-txt@fern.com            daylilies
    4K  ferns-txt@fern.com              ferns
   30K  fruit-txt@fern.com              fruit trees and shrubs
   31K  general-txt@fern.com            general gardening catalogs
    5K  grasses-txt@fern.com            grasses
   16K  heirloom-txt@fern.com           heirloom gardening
   20K  herbs-txt@fern.com              herbs
   13K  hseplt-txt@fern.com             houseplantst
   18K  iris-txt@fern.com               iris
    5K  lilies-txt@fern.com             lilies
   20K  misc-txt@fern.com               miscellaneous catalogs
    3K  mums-txt@fern.com               chrysanthemums
    3K  mushroom-txt@fern.com           mushrooms and fungi
   20K  natives-txt@fern.com            native plants
   13K  orchids-txt@fern.com            orchids
    9K  organic-txt@fern.com            organic gardening
   36K  ornament-txt@fern.com           ornamental plants
    5K  peonies-txt@fern.com            peonies
   49K  perenn-txt@fern.com             perennials
   14K  rare-txt@fern.com               rare plants
   11K  rhodos-txt@fern.com             rhododendrons 
   17K  roses-txt@fern.com              roses
   10K  supplies-txt@fern.com           supplies
   28K  trees-txt@fern.com              trees
   22K  tropical-txt@fern.com           tropical gardening
   27K  vegs-txt@fern.com               vegetables
    9K  whlesale-txt@fern.com           wholesale suppliers
   12K  wildflwr-txt@fern.com           wildflowers