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Sun, 03 Jan 1999 12:06:27 -0500

Don't feel sorry for us, or at least most of us.  We are delighted it has
finally turned to winter.  It was downright tropical most of fall,
described as weird, eerie and finally scary by most people I spoke to.  The
snow gets us out of many appointments, work occasionally (probably will
tomorrow, or reduce it), makes beautiful bulbs in the spring and great
roses.  It insulates everything in the garden and gets our water table back
up.  We have our outdoor ice rinks operational now, taking the stress off
the 7 indoor ones in our town of 150,000.  We need about 5 more for the
number of hockey teams, figure skaters and many recreational skaters we've
got.  Curlers have their own rinks and they're short too, and very glad to
have the freeze.  As long as there are no casualties other than stalled
cars most of us are very content with the weather.  It is really beautiful
today, a mere -5 celsius, more with wind chill, but as long as one is
bundled up it's ok for a few hours out-of-doors.  It'll be colder (lots)
tonight but so what we're indoors.  We caught the storm Jill mentioned and
are cozied up for the day.  It's piled up for about a foot and more is
coming down.

Anyway, it's now winter, which is as it should be and I am reasonably
happy...will probably be happier when I kick the kids out of my front hall
(longest therefore best for hockey on the block) where they are playing
mini-stick hockey with a foam rubber puck.  Later they plan to build a snow
fort on the front lawn...2 years ago we had one with 3' walls,
byzantine-style crenalations and a couple of turrets which pretty well
froze solid.  A ramp was added for speedy exits.  Last year was pretty much
a dud of a winter, not much snow and too warm. 

Great Lakes region, Canada
USDA 4 or 5, sort of.

At 12:05 AM 03-01-99 -0500, you wrote:
>I really do feel badly for those of you who are where there is
>killing cold.  You must really have some tough genes to make
>it through that kind of weather every year.
>Coastal Carolina---where the warm front is going through and it
>is up in the 60's.
>We are having a REAL deep freeze. . . it is minus 30 C. . .without 
>wind chill factor. . . and we are expecting 30 cm of snow tonight and 
>tomorrow.  I don't plan to go any where until Monday. . .hope the car 
>will go on Monday:)))
>Zone 5 (in a good year)
>Peterborough, ON, Canada