Re: [gardeners] In the garden?

margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 13:27:05 -0700

At 12:28 PM 1/7/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Not really, we've gotten about 4 inches of rain since yesterday morning.
>Rained all day yesterday, all night last night, and up until about 0900
>this morning. I think the great drought of 1998 must be over. Spotted
>some leaks in the greenhouse and now will have to patch them up when the
>rain goes away.
>Got home from work at noon today and went online. No email since about 8
>pm last night. Is everyone okay, not snowed in and powerless I hope.
>George, contemplating wet feet
I'm not snowed in.  Trying to write my column a day early so I can send it
in via the 486, then remove that program and donate that computer to the
schools, and THEN set up the new one.  Looking forward(?) to Windows 98 on
that one, and trying to learn a new software for sending in my column on my
old computer.  

Tuned into my mail this morning, and was deluged with invective and the
f-word, directed at the list owner.  I had no idea so many nasty-tempered
people were on that list (seeds list).  The owner has disbanded it and
started a different list.  I hope most of the bellyachers and threateners
do not join the new list.  That guy is pretty good at filtering out
foulmouthed jerks, so he'll undoubtedly be busy for the next few days.  The
attack was for the owner's asking people to stay on topic, a request made

I thought I was about through with seed orders, but I've been rethinking
the Burpees red corn.  Hmmm.  It's a SE, I'm growing a SE.  Have you seen
the cover of Burpees' catalog?  Wouldn't it be superfine to wrap tamales
with those maroon husks? The corn probably sucks, but...

Our ground is frozen, daytime temps around 40, but low 20s at night.
Pretty much the usual winter weather.  I've got to get some chile and
cauliflower seeds started, though.  Margaret