Re: [gardeners] recognizing seeds--Seeds per ounce

Sharon Gordon (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 14:33:13 -0500 (EST)

The How to Grow More Vegetables book by John Jeavons has a very
extensive chart of how many seeds there are in an ounce for many
different crops.

A number of neighbors will get me to come and id something odd
in their yard.  I am happy to do it and even to dig it up if
it's something interesting and they don't want it.  Great way to get
wildflowers that would be otherwise mowed.

But the saddest id I have made to date was for new neighbors
who wanted to remove nearly all of the previous owners
gardening and landscaping(most plants went to good homes).
They wanted to know what the very strange plant with the
green seed pods on it was.  Envisioning a new to me wild
flower, I go to the yard and look at their strange plant.
I could identify it immediately, but how to tell them...
their strange plant was a tomato with green tomatoes
hanging off of it.

PS  My email has been arriving/not arriving in no pattern that
I can figure out.  So if you email me and don't get an answer within two
days, please send the post again.