Re: [gardeners] green houses/nitrogen

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 10 Jan 1999 21:41:19 -0600

Hi Marianne and Bambi,
    If you are needing nitrogen for greening, and all other nutrient
requirements have already been met, it is better to go with nitrogen alone, like
a 21-0-0 or weaker if that meets your needs. In container plants there is a real
problem with build up of unnecessary chemicals like potash, potassium, etc. Some
of these will cause more problems like locking certain nutrients into  the soil
or planting medium so that more is actually less when it comes to meeting a
plants requirements for healthy growth and blossoms. This can happen in your
garden soil as well as in container gardening.
     Happy Gardening,
     Bastrop Co.,Tx
     Zone 8

Michael & Bambi Cantrell wrote:

> Marianne,
> I have used plain old 10-10-10 for the green before.  It's the Nitrogen
> that you need from the green, so anything with Nitrogen will work.
> Good luck. :-)
> Bambi
> Coastal Carolina
> >Hello!
> >I have a compost question.  This is my first attempt at composting - I just
> >completed a bin (3'width x 5'length x 3'height). I have plenty of brown
> >material, but what can I add this time of year that would be considered
> >green
> >Marianne Darke
> >SF Bay Area - zone 9 currently 50, windy & cloudy