[gardeners] Wednesday - Almost in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 13:06:42 -0600

We're still shampooing carpets in between work gigs so not much garden
time today. Temps are in the high 70's F with a moderate wind and high
overcast, would be a wonderful day to be out playing in the gardens.

NEWS FLASH: Miz Anne surprised me for lunch today with BLT's. The
tomatoes came from some she was ripening on the kitchen counter, fresh
lettuce from the garden (oak leaf and Red Sails), and sourdough bread I
made yesterday. Bacon was store bought but that's okay. This is a taste
treat we only have a couple of times a year and I was surprised to have
them in January. Sleepy Dawg had a half sandwich of her own and, LO!,
she ate the tomato, the lettuce, the bread and then the single piece of
bacon. In that order too. Right now she's hiding under my desk as Miz
Anne is running the "booger", the vacuum cleaner. Gotta go back to work
now, break is over, still gotta shampoo the dining room carpet.