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Thu, 14 Jan 1999 02:14:21 -0600

Rosemary I am not a expert here on this subject like I hope someone on the list
is. We raise birds for the retail market. Giardia is a concern among bird
growers also. It has been a long time since I have thought much about it but
here is the little I can remember of the problem.
 Giardia is a parasitic infection found in water. This parasite can be found
anywhere. There are many public water supplies that also have this parasite. It
is a hardy monster when it can survive many of the closely monitored public
water supplies. If it can be in these systems it can easily be in the lakes,
streams, and private wells of people anywhere in the country.
       In the birds I believe it would cause what we call a gut infection. Our
birds are medicated on a regular basis for this and other things. I am not sure
you can ever get rid of it totally but it can be controlled to a degree that it
doesn't cause illness.
       It would be a good idea to have your private well tested to see if there
is a over supply of this in your water system. Giardia can effect you also but
I am not sure what it is like in people. Probably about the same. You may be
able to treat your well once or twice and not have a problem  enough to worry
about again. I'm guessing your well was already there and is a old one.
       Your vet probably told you all you need to know for your dogs. Be ready
because this may not be the only problem that pops up with your animals. Be
sure you have a very helpful & informative vet. Not all Vets will give you the
whole story to everything. I insist on them teaching me all about whatever is
going on. If it happened once I figure it can happen again!  Your dogs are from
a different area. When you moved there they moved to an area where they may not
have ammune system for certain things. Find out what is a common concern for
your area and how to recognize the symptoms and how to treat it.
   Don't forget to clean the house inside also real good if they are house
     I will look up links on this. I need a refresher course anyway. Now I have
said all this watch something show up making me look like a bozo!
     Rosemary  I think I heard something about it being really shady around
your house. I am sure you enjoy this aspect of country life but here are some
things you may encounter or want to think about. It mentions that giardia can
be found in moist areas which shady woods could provide but I doubt if that is
the source. Water is the most common I am sure. When landscaping around your
home you may want to open the area up more to provide more sunlight so your
home can be a little healthier. I have BAD allergies. The sunlight helps things
dry out and kill off fungus and mold problems for you  and your house. Some
homes have a problem with mold build up on the outside  due to insulation and
lack of sunlight. The sunlight would also help in the growing of you plants so
opening up the skies has all kinds of benefits.

Good luck.
What is Giardia?      Good and helpful.
Giardia in Dogs
                        Water Filters & Giardia
Really good and lots of info!

Rosemary Carlson wrote:

> Hi everyone: As some of you know, I've just moved from the city into the
> woods. Love it here BUT, within a week or so, all 3 of my dogs were sick.
> After trying to treat them myself, I took them to their vet - and they were
> diagnosed with giardia.
> Rosemary in the foggy, rainy Eastern KY mountains
> http://www.morehead-st.edu/people/ro.carls