Re: [gardeners] Get your wool knickers on, George was Almost

margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 08:30:06 -0700

>And I still like it.  Of course, I don't have to drive in it and can walk
>around the neighbourhood and enjoy it.  The landscape is clean and white
>and the air very good.  This kind of winter weather kills off the pollution
>somewhat, not to mention many viruses.  Kids are happy, lots of snow to
>play in and they are all hoping for schools to close so they can spend the
>day sledding.  We have nice slopes in our local park, as well as 2 outdoor
>ice rinks.
>better go and have a hot chocolate now, George.
Sounds good, Lucinda.  When we have snow and very cold weather, we usually
have air inversions and smog.  Weather officials turn inside out trying to
avoid the word smog, but we had a red alert several days ago, for the first
time in years.  I'm still trying to find galoshes or moonboots or something
for Chuck.  We're not going to get through this winter without another
snow, and the moonboots bit the dust during the last snowstorm.  He had to
finish shoveling the drive wearing knee-high garden boots.  Our lack of
communication doesn't help.  He insists he has "overshoes."  I found out by
that he means rubbers because they fit over shoes.  I'm doing everything I
can to avoid paying $50 for the ever-popular Sorels.  That is such a
monopoly they're probably manufactured by Microsoft.  Margaret L