Re: [gardeners] OT: Living in the Woods

Kathy Kennedy (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 15:31:21 -0600

In the mid-60's a Park Ranger at Yellowstone recommended  getting down on
our knees next to the little stream and drinking the clear water from our
cupped hands.  I still remember that clear stream in the woods.    My folks
took us camping VERY young.
--Kathy K, mid-Missouri, heavy, icy snow on the ground; pavements melted

Margaret wrote:
When I was a child, a thousand years ago, I was
> >always told it was safe to drink out of a free-flowing mountain stream.
> >Not any more.  Margaret L
Lucinda replied: 
> That was the case in my childhood as well, even at Girl Scout/Guides
> I can remember drinking out of mountain streams, lovely tasting
> water....and that's only 40-50 years ago.  I'm not as aged as Margaret.
> Lucinda