[gardeners] Whales, walruses, walking sticks, and weather

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 18:35:30 -0600

Was going to go out and do "stuff" in the garden this afternoon but fell
asleep instead, about four hours worth of dead to the world. That's why
the title of this post says what it does, those are the things I dreamed
of. Gotta quit reading naval history for a while.

I wonder if the rest of you are having weird winter weather. It was 77F
today and more of the same is forecast. This is supposed to be the
middle of our short winter and it's more like late spring. It's also
been dry here, no rain to speak of, while 125 miles west of us they were
about to flood, and 50 miles north of us they did flood.

I'm worried I may have changed the eco-climate by growing things like
jicama and papaya. Or maybe it was the Thai Hots! Anyway, we are
enjoying the weather we are having and feel really sorry for those of
you that are suffering extreme cold. (goes off into maniacal laughter)

Gotta work a few hours again tomorrow but have a list of things that
need doing in the garden that must get done, specifically planting my
spring garden seeds to produce seedlings by late February. Picked up 24
big bags of shredded leaves up and down our street this morning and they
are all either in the row middles in the veggie garden or stacked beside
the compost heap waiting for us to mow the rye grass.

Life is good, think I'll go take another nap.