[gardeners] Things Done and Things To Do

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 18 Jan 1999 18:24:41 -0600

Spent Saturday working on a Habitat house - intended to work 'til 
lunch and then come home to work in the garden, but ended up 
staying until about 4;  then seeing how clear it was, I came home,
packed up my telescopes, and headed out into the country.
It was a great night - you could see all 7 stars in the Little
Dipper, which is one way to jusdge how good the night is.
Sunday was football day, and this morning was Go-Shopping-
With-Janet-Day;  but this afternoon, finally, I got into the yard.
First order of business was mulching leaves - Big Bertha Oak
next door is just now dropping leaves, and since I didn't
want to rake, I mowed 'em.  Took a couple of passes, but
the yard looks good enough for me  Then I finally got around
to planting tulips - about 6 dozen bulbs, lovingly chilled for
2 months in the refrigerator.  Those bulbs had been holding up
several other tasks - planting pansies, cleaning up the garage
(it's amazing how something as small as a bag of tulips can
keep you from doing something you don't want to do).  

Still to do are moving those blueberries, cleaning out the
garden shed and repairing the floor, and building a 
potting shed that may end up being a greenhouse before
it's all said and done.  And I want to build a new bed out
front to balance the look of the house.  All that before
spring gardening starts in about 5 weeks - guess I'd better
get moving!

Harry Boswell               hboswell@netdoor.com
USDA Zone 8