Re: [gardeners] jicama

George Shirley (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:14:00 -0600

Harry Boswell wrote:

> Alright folks, I give - I missed the beginning of the
> jicama thread(s) - so, what the blazes is jicama,
> and why have all of you become so fascinated by
> it?

I started the thread because I planted jicama as my "new" plant try in
1998. The jicama is a root that is used extensively in Mexico and
further south in salads, and, in some cases, for cooked meals. It makes
a large vine with purple flowers and bean pods, the beans are not edible
but when planted make new vines. I had great success with my planting
and have been looking for recipes as it looks to be a lot of jicama root
out there. One vine yielded seven pounds of root.

> Enquiring minds want to know (well, I want to
> know, anyway).
> BTW - George, you shamed me - I started work on
> blueberries' new home yesterday

I would have to shame you Harry, darned sure couldn't whup you, you're
too big. <VBG> Shamed myself too, started cleaning up the garden areas
in preparation for planting and finally started my seeds for the spring

> Harry