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Penny Nielsen (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 09:47:45 -0400

Hi Jill

I just think of a metre as 39 inches.  I pretty much have the metres down pat - its the grams, cms, etc. that throws me.  I like Kay's suggestion tho and I'm going to measure my body parts.  Maybe I'll feel better about them in metric.

DH grew up with metric but has mastered the English (is that imperial?) system and has tools in both.

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>>> "Jill Fyffe" <> 01/22/99 09:09AM >>>
Its been 20 years since Canada went metric.  I am like John I have 
the temp down pat. . .know what it will be like when it is 15 degrees 
C outside. . .food and meat, I have that one figures out BUT I still 
don't know how big a room is that is 4 metres by 3.02 metres.