Re: [gardeners] Signs of Spring???

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:45:46 -0500

Yes, I have seen signs of spring.
For the past 2 evenings, I've killed two mosquitoes in the
house that have come in with the kids when they were
running in and out.
I've also seen the children out playing barefooted in the back
yard this week.  It was up to 80* today!  Beautiful weather.
Got down in the 50's last night and that's what tonight's
low is supposed to be.

I've also noticed many birds flocking back north already!
I've never noticed them flying back north this early!

Bambi---who got rear-ended on her way home from work one night this week.
Coastal Carolina
USDA zone 8; AHS Heat zone 8; Sunset zone 31