Re: [gardeners] soaker hose

Martha Brown (
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 20:23:50 -0600

	Since the pressure is generally fairly low on soaker hose (I'm assuming
this is the black leaky type hose) simply double the end that needs capped
and wrap tightly with wire.  The end you need to hook to a hose -- find a
garden hose replacement end to put on it.  If necessary wrap with wire to
make it tight enough to fit.  If your hose gets a split or large leak cut
it in two and put back together with a garden hose mender.  

M Brown
NW Oklahoma, USA
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: Subject: Re: [gardeners] soaker hose
: Date: Saturday, January 23, 1999 4:57 PM
: Magaret, it's not the cutting of the hose thats the problem, it's getting
: new end piece and the piece that connects to the hose. If you cut in the
: middle on the first piece you have to cap that end off. Like wise with
the cut
: piece on the secon piece it has an end but no where to hook it up to the
: That is my deliema getting those fittings that I need. I can't remember
: which pieces parts they had and didn't have. I also looked at my better
: nurseries for the parts but I didn't see ant saoker hose type items. 
Hope I
: explained that okay.
: Kris P (who hasn't cut her soaker hose until she gets all the parts she
: needs<grin>)