Re winter - wasRe: [gardeners] Winter storm in Rochester

Virginia Prinns (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 05:55:41 -0800

Hi Terry,

Looking at your temp. chart wonder why my round the world trip looking 
for somwhwere to live stopped in Canada.  No wonder you grow such 
wonderful lilies in NZ. (& delps of course-vbg)

Talking about fog, we also have 'ice fog', where you have a town in a 
'bowl' surrounded by hills.  EG Prince George,  Fairbanks, Alaska.  The 
sun never manages to burn this off (no sun for a few months of the year)
The trick here is to live above the ice fog.  Wind will blow it away but 
when you have very cold windless days, you live in a grey atmosphere for 
a few days at a time.

Ginny in PG zone 2, who spent the last few days ice fishing, dogsledding, 
snowshoeing in the largest icelandic settlement in north america.