Re: [gardeners] germinating osha

Jane Burdekin (
Sun, 24 Jan 1999 08:52:46 -0700

Hi Margaret,
This is an interesting herb I have just  recently learned about and was
surprised to see it in the Richters catalog that I just got.  I was under
the impression that people were still researching how to germinate it.  I
also thought that it had to be grown at a high altitude?  8000ft?  This is
all from memory of reading an excerp from an herb book.  It I find out more
I will let you know.  


> Has anyone had success germinating the herb osha (Ligusticum porteri)?  I
> have newly purchased seeds, but a friend has tried to germinate osha for
> three years.  Both of us had repeated failures with angelica because
> purchased seeds were not fresh.  Could this be the problem with osha?
> Richter's says it "probably needs" cold stratification.  TIA, Margaret L