Re: [gardeners] soaker hose

penny x stamm (
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 01:33:26 -0500

Martha, are your soaker hoses irrigating flower beds, veggie beds, 
or evergreen plantings? 

I saw two gardens in the Chicago area where they had put the soaker
hoses zigzag thru the rose beds, and they powered them manually
whenever they thought they needed it. The system worked very well -- 
they are both rose exhibitors -- but they were prisoners of the need to
keep track of the moisture. 

We switched to Toro underground sprinklers when our 
"walking sprinklers" got too heavy for me to carry. They covered a path 
50x150, which was perfect, allowing me to set them up twice in each 
yard for full coverage. But I could no longer manage them. 

We installed the Netafim drip irrigation when I saw how much kinder
life was to me with the automatic lawn system. Now everything is on 
two clocks, is totally adjustable, and is used for each and all kinds 
of beds. The valves were put in place near the house by a professional,
but the drip lines were installed by ourselves. Their only enemy is a
careless shovel digging a new hole....  

Penny, NY

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