Re: [gardeners] small victories

Norberto Arquilevich (
Mon, 01 Feb 1999 09:59:40 -0800

What is a prpagation mat?

At 10:14 AM 2/1/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm glad to hear your peppers are up.  I got mine planted yesterday so I
>will look later this week and see if anything is up.  I didn't see any
>sprouts this morning when I looked, maybe too early.   I just got my
>propagating mat this year and set it up on a wooden table.  Hopefully that
>will be ok, if not I will follow your advise on the aluminum sheet.
>Jane (where it's cold and grey and windy and we are expecting white showers
>later today)
>>Well, we're waiting for spring to finish at George's and migrate our way.
>>For the past few years I've not had great success with my large (and
>>expensive) propagation mat, and I finally decided to blame the formica
>>table it lies upon.  The mat was sticking to the formica.  I went to a
>>recycling center, and first bin I looked in had a sheet of expanded
>>aluminum, not long enough to go under all of my mat, but long enough to
>>hold three flats.  They didn't charge me for it. I scooted it under my prop
>>mat, and plugged it in.  Planted a bunch of hot chiles.
>>I didn't go into the basement again for about three days, and yesterday
>>when I went downstairs, lo, there were numerous seedlings up and looking
>>for sunlight.  I brought up five containers of seedlings, and left those
>>with just two or three well-sprouted seedlings each on the prop. mat.  I'll
>>check that today, and plant more chiles that have spent overnight in a
>>saltpetre solution to hasten germination.  Certainly revived my spirits.
>>We haven't had a bad winter, but cold oozy ground, strong breezes, grey
>>skies and 20-30 degree temps wear you down.  Is anything enjoying this
>>weather?  Sure.  Cheat grass thrives.  Poop.  Margaret L