Re: [gardeners] Monday in the Garden - really

Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 02 Feb 1999 22:21:03 -0600

Hi George and All,
    The gardening bug has bitten deeply again. Monday I replowed and rowed
up about half of the garden space, and planted 200, 1015y onions. A few
weeks late for my area, but better late than never. Have about 50 Flat Red
onions to plant tomorrow. I also picked up my seed potatos, Lasoda, and
Pontiac. I bought 22lbs of seed potatos all together. I sure hope they
produce like last year. We made about 500 lbs from the same amount of seed
potatos. I'm planting turnips tomorrow also. Then I have to wait about a
week before the moon signs are right again. Mean while I'll focus on forcing
good sprouts in the eyes of the seed potatos.
    I did find something today that I think will confirm my suspicions about
the lack of cold weather equaling a bad insect season. I found a newly
hatched grasshopper. Last year during the drought we had a plague of
grasshoppers. I figured that unless we had some hard freezes this winter the
large population of grasshoppers from last year would also mean a larger
number of grasshopper eggs. No freeze equals no winter kill. Bad news. I
don't recall seeing baby grasshoppers in Feb. in a long time.
    I have read that ducks are good grasshopper predators. I think I'll try
some ducks for insect control.
    The temps today were in the 70's and 73 is predicted for tomorrow. We
are also starting '99 with a rain deficit.
    I hope that all of you in more chilly climes warm up soon. The earthy
smell of the plowed garden has gotten me all excited.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx
    Zone 8

George Shirley wrote:

> Woke up to a glorious Monday, bright and sunny, cool but warm enough not
> to wear a jacket. Slung on my industrial strength "Big Ben" overalls
> (overhauls in East Texas) put the Nikes on my feet and went out to the
> garden with a cuppa coffee. Miz Anne was going off to substitute teach
> at about the same time and was giving me such a look I had to laugh,
> which, in turn, increased the power of the wifely look. Of course I
> rubbed it in a bit hollering "I got the day off, nyah, hyah!" Anyway,
> back to the garden. Harvested a bit of broccoli for dinner tonight.
> Should go good with the salmon I'm going to grill over hot coals (fresh
> frozen salmon for 99 cents a pound at the supermarket) and the Jerusalem
> artichokes I plan to cook in some manner as yet undecided. Also cut a
> big head of cabbage to take to my friends the doctors over at the
> Industrial Medicine clinic. Took some other friends a nice head of
> cabbage and a jar of Rio Red Grapefruit marmalade yesterday. It pleases
> us both to share the bounty of our garden.
> Had to open the greenhouse up about 0800 as it was getting rather warm
> in there. No ripe tomatoes today but a couple looked like they will be
> ready this week. We're really enjoying have a few vine ripened tomatoes
> all during the winter, certainly beats those carboard things at the
> supermarket.
> Pulled a few weeds in the herb garden and looked to see if any more
> volunteers have come up. Got a new sassafras tree up in there, probably
> from the roots of the small one about 10 feet away.
> This year we're doing the main garden ala Ruth Stout, pulling the mulch
> back and planting the seedlings and seeds then pushing the mulch up when
> it warms up good. The "new" strip down the west fence will get tilled
> about half way down and then mulched again. We're still trying to
> improve that area. The herb garden will get a good mulching of composted
> horse manure and rice hulls along about April. In the meantime I'm going
> to put some old bricks in to make small retaining walls on the slope in
> that garden. Should look much better, and do a better job, than the old
> redwood 4X4's that are there now.
> The squirrels are chasing around the tree tops and the cardinals are
> singing their mating songs so spring can't be far away from SW
> Louisiana. Think I'll put the Tumbler tomato seedlings in hanging
> baskets today and put them in the greenhouse. I hope I'm not getting to
> over anxious to plant stuff.
> Stay warm my Yankee friends, spring will pass through the south before
> long and head your way.<VBG>
> George