Re: [gardeners] Spring...NOT!

George Shirley (
Thu, 04 Feb 1999 10:37:15 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:

> Well, some of our 3 inch snow melted, but now it's snowing again.  When the
> ground was all white day before yesterday, the pair of mallards who usually
> hang around for free lunches around nesting time came back to Chez
> Lauterbach to dine.  Everything else was covered, but here's wheat, cracked
> corn, milo and stuff like that.  Big excitement on the part of the big
> people.  Is that a sign of spring?  Can't be.  Garden is mushy muck, wasn't
> tilled before pro football season started, and I'm hoping I have enough
> leaves to do a Ruth Stout no-till garden this year.  I usually plant on St.
> Patrick's Day.  Should have planted shallots last fall.  At least my chile
> seeds are germinating.  Hurray for them!  Margaret L

Ahem! It's a neat 72F out with bright sunshine, a recent rain, yesterday, has
left the air smelling good but no mud or white stuff. The greenhouse door is
standing open to forestall 100plus temps and the grass needs cutting. Sorry
Margaret, <VBG> eat your heart out my friend.

George, going out to play in the garden