[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 11:15:49 -0600

Sorta of a misty, overcast day with temps in the mid-seventies today.
Went out early and dug the rest of the jicama. Got about 3 that were
worth saving, the others, very large, were rotting already. Think I've
learned that I will have to harvest and eat the jicama while the vines
are still green and healthy as they start to rot as soon as the vines
get frost-bitten. Will have a nice mess of jicama along with chard,
carrots, broccoli buds, cauliflower, mesclun and other greens for dinner

Yesterday I made a hearty soup with dried NZ spinach, dried beans,
ground beef, Jerusalem artichokes, oregano, carrots, etc. Miz Anne has
been feeling poorly with yet another sinus infection. By evening
yesterday she had enough antibiotics in her to get up and stir around a
bit. The soup helped break up the congestion and today she is partially
recovered. Enough so that she is in the studio cutting mat board for
some of her watercolors.

I finally got around to potting the Tumbler tomatoes today. Put them in
hanging basket with potting soil mix and a little long-term fertilizer.
The blasted things were the first tom seeds to come up and grew six
inches between January 22nd and today. I put four seedlings in one
hanging basket, three in another, and the last had two. Looks like I had
100% germination on these as that's how many seeds were in each peat
pot. Nearly all of my seedlings are up and growing under the lights so
we're happy. If the warm weather continues, as the weatherman says it
will, we will be planting the main garden as soon as soil temps reach

A good day even if overcast and dreary, life is indeed good.