Re: [gardeners] alpine strawberries

David G. Smith (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 05:59:35 -0500

The ones from Bluestone are Ruegens Improved.  Burpee didn't list a variety
for the ones I got last year, but they seem fine.  They made a few teeny
berries all summer, but when the weather got cooler there were more and
bigger.  Your weather must be about like ours here in Delaware, so maybe
that's what you should expect.  The plants looked good all summer, though,
with regular watering.


At 09:42 PM 2/10/99 PST, you wrote:
>Dear David and list,
>  Thank you for the suggestion on ordering plants, instead of seeds, 
>from Bluestone for my first attempt at growing alpines.  I have got the 
>following suggestions from a book:  Alexandria, Baron Schumacher, 
>Minguonette for the reds, and Pineapple Crush and Rugen Improved for 
>yellows.  Are yours amongst these types?  I will go and look at the 
>Bluestone website right now....I haven't received their catalog yet.  
>The Edible Landscape catalog only offers the Red Wonder and the Yellow 
>Wonder varieties.  That's a great price from Bluestone!  (6/$7.75)
>  Many thanks for the info....
>  Carolyn
>  Zone 7b
>  Bethesda
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