[gardeners] alpine strawberries

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 23:14:43 PST

Dear Mary Anne, Penny, David, and all others,

  I'm excited about what you all have had to say about the alpines!  
Yummmm....I can taste and smell them already.  The berry book that I 
have been using as a reference says that they start excellently from 
seed sown right into the ground,especially the Alexander variety -- have 
any of you started them from seed this way?

  I have now found 4 sites for ordering alpine strawberry plants:  
Burpee, Shepards Seeds, Triplebrook, and Pinetree -- but they are all 
the Rugen Improved.  I'm surprised at the trouble I'm having in finding 
those other varieties.  I also haven't found a site for ordering the 
seeds yet but I'm still surfing for them.  My frost date isn't until 
April 28th so I still have time for looking.

  I will be placing them along the driveway (to cut down on my grass 
mowing).  It's full sun, south facing.  I think a good spot for them.  
And I'm hopefull that since they do well in your Delaware garden that 
they will do well here too.  Here's hoping I'm right about this (I'm a 
new gardener!)

  Zone 7b

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