[gardeners] Friday in the Garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 20:02:13 -0600

Went out this afternoon and covered the volunteers in the herb garden
with about a foot of leaves and the fruit trees, newly leafing out, with
old sheets. Sleepy Dawg discovered the delights of jumping on a sheet
being dragged across the yard and getting a free ride. Covering the
stuff up became a fun time for the whole pack as Miz Anne had just
gotten home from work. The lights are on in the greenhouse and we're as
prepared as we can be for the expected 31F temps in the am of Saturday.
79F yesterday, 31F tomorrow, what kind of winter is this?

Among other good news I got word of an old friend via email today. Lost
track of him in the middle seventies when our holiday card came back
"address unknown". I had looked for him on the net several times but the
word came from one of Miz Anne's cousins up in Maryland. When my buddy
saw the cousins last name on a newsgroup he wrote him and asked if he
knew us, which of course he did. My buddy and I have already sent each
other several emails today just catching up. This internet and
electronic mail stuff is great. Chuck and I go back to Navy days in the
mid to late fifties and stayed in touch up to about 1975 or 76. Life is
really good today.