Re: [gardeners] water chestnuts

Penny Nielsen (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 11:33:55 -0400

Thanks Penny & George - DH wouldn't like the fresh ones in a recipe if they are sweet.  I like the canned ones for their crunchiness and find they don't have much taste either.  Next time I see some fresh ones I will definitely pick up a couple to try.

Penny in Halifax, N.S.  

>>> penny x stamm <> 02/13/99 01:24AM >>>

Hi, Penny in N.S., fresh water chestnuts (which requre peeling)
are definitely somewhat sweet, and absolutely delicious! They
do NOT turn dark after peeling. 

Mothers in China, I am told, get nagged by their children to share
them while they are being prepared. I canot vouch for this,
however, because I have known many young Chinese students who 
had never encountered this vegetable inside of China..... It might
be quite like Chinese fortune cookies -- NEVER found inside China!
Or perhaps they are too expensive ..... 

They are available in season from Chinatown grocery stores all over
the world - just like fresh lychees.

Penny in NY 

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