[gardeners] johnny jump ups

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 21:23:33 PST

Dear Kay,
  Thank you for the advice on cold stratification of the seeds of johnny 
jump ups.  I removed the ivy by hand (yanking and pulling the roots).  
Took all summer.  Then I used Round Up all summer long and into the fall 
on any new growth that I saw anywhere. I'm sure that I'm going to have 
to remain vigilant over the area this spring and summer to continue to 
nab the ivy that pokes up.  I was thinking that the johnny jump ups 
would germinate and grow fast for a cute looking ground cover and help 
to prevent this area from eroding and/or turning into pancake since it 
is all bare now.  Shaded, but bare it is.  And give me some time to 
figure out what I'm "really" going to do with that area.  

  I'm excited to be sending off my first ever soil sample to the County 
Extension agent for standard testing.  I'm hoping to find the hillside 
out front with the southern exposure acidic enough to plant blueberries.  
My mantra is:  no more mowing!  Especially on that hillside.

  Zone 7b 

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