[gardeners] GOFAD: Living from the Garden for a Day (fwd)

Sharon Gordon (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:38:01 -0500 (EST)

> I was just looking for something at the Positive Futures site
> http://www.futurenet.org and stopped to read an interesting
> list of suggestions on 101 ways to get educated.
> They included some gardening suggestions such as growing
> enough wheat for a loaf of bread and turning it into a
> loaf of bread.
> I thought one of the suggestions might be fun for the
> list to try.  It was to eat only from the garden for
> a day.  I would like to call this GOFAD (Garden Only
> For A Day).  Also I would like to propose three variations
> on this theme.  For all three variations I think water should
> be included as an optional ingredient without requiring that you
> catch and process rainwater from the garden :-).
> GOFAD/Grower
> *************
> This is the most challenging level.  Foods include any that
> you currently have growing and any sprouts that you grow.
> (Bonus if you grew the sprout seeds yourself, too :-) ).
> GOFAD/Homesteader
> *****************
> Same as Current plus anything you grew/foraged and stored, canned, froze,
> dried, etc.
> GOFAD/Trader
> ************
> Same as Homesteader with the addition of salt, sugar, honey, flour, 
> baking powder, baking soda, herbs and spices grown by others, oil/butter,
> vinegar/wine.  This is mostly garden food with the addition of a few
> critical staples and flavorings.
> For people who have nutrition software, it would be interesting to
> know how close your food for a day came to meeting your nutritional
> needs.  For those without nutritional software, take a look at your
> recipe software if you have that.  You can make your day's food
> one recipe to serve one and get a nutritional analysis that way.
> When I have done days similar to these in the past, my favorite
> days tend to be corn on the cob for breakfast, salad for lunch,
> and stirfry for dinner.
> For those in the southern hemisphere, you can make the rest
> of us salivate as you list a day at the Grower level.
> Those in the northern part can share various levels of
> creativity as you mix the current with the stored or come up with
> days of menus completely from your stored items.
> Sharon
> gordonse@one.net