[gardeners] Re:What's in the Basement?

bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:21:13 -0600

      I saw my boo boo and I was laughing so hard  I had tears! Then I start
reading about the Neldas and durn near had to run to the bathroom I was laughing
so hard!
      Harry I can always count on this list picking up when the gardentalk list
slows down. I just didn't know I would be the one speeding it up!
      I have know idea as to how you could distinguish gaye mice form non gaye
mice. I don't think they have organized yet and established a logo that would
let us know or anything. I bet they could really be something if we didn't keep
those glue traps out!

Harry Boswell wrote:

>  >Yes Gaye mice do such things!
> Gay mice do these things? So get rid of those gay mice, 'cause you can see
> what kind of
> trouble they cause.  But I still don't know how you'll tell the gay ones, and
> I'm sure
> not gonna ask Nelda Mae.