[gardeners] Winter never came!

Harry Boswell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 09:44:59 -0600

This has been a wierd year.  Winter basically never came to Mississippi.
It's been so
warm all "winter" that I've only bothered to take a coat to work four times,
and I left it
in the truck three of those times.  A long-sleeve shirt has been plenty, and
I've been
wearing shorts and a tshirt around the house and yard often.  Of more
import, the blueberrie bushes I planned on relocating didn't get moved,
they never went dormant and I was afraid to mess with them.  They already
some blooms about to open.  The Bradford pear in my front yard is blooming,
with the flowering crabapple.  The redbud is almost past it's peak.  Daffs
are of course
well along.  And this morning, I saw my first iris, a white flag.  Forsythia
and iris should
most definitely *not* be blooming at the same time!  Highs are forecast in
the low 70s
for the next week, and wife, child, and I head to Disneyworld March 6th for
a week.
If it's not cold when I get back, I'll declare it Spring and start
gardening.  We've only
had one low in the 30s in the past 3 weeks, most have been in the 50s, so
ground is warming early (not that it ever really cooled).  So, if any of you
or Canucks are planning on sending an Arctic Basket for Easter, please let