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Donna Dawson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 07:39:05 -0700

Hi Penny...I think you will find that most of the gardening shows are on
HGTV now...here at home I watch Canadian Gardening and a new show called
the Indoor Gardener is right after that...Denis Flanigan is the host and it
is based out of Toronto..for the moment.  If they can get more of a budget,
they want to include the rest of Canada...as a matter of fact when we go to
Canada Blooms we are going to the station to be interviewed.  I think
ICanGarden will be a part of the show at least once a month speaking about
what is new for gardeners.

It's a wonderful opportunity to promote gardeners in Canada...

At 12:11 PM 2/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi Kris
>You're likely in the U.S. so its no doubt different.  In Canada, I think
Canadian Gardening (the one thats the same as the magazine) and Gardeners
Journal moved.  There might have been others that I can't think of right
now too.  Some of the home type shows that were on Life also moved.  I may
end up subscribing next fall to HGTV.  Its not the money but the principle
of having to take the other stations that come with the package, most of
which we're not interested in at all.  I wish we could just choose the
stations we want and pay on that basis.
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>>>> <KrisP64@aol.com> 02/26/99 10:56AM >>>
>In a message dated 2/26/99 7:15:11 AM, NIELSENP@gov.ns.ca writes:
><< This talk of gardening shows reminds me too that since we stopped
>HGTV I believe some of the gardening shows that I used to catch on LIFE have
>moved over to HGTV.  
> >>
>I am addicted to HGTV. I also like LIfe but I don't remember any garden shows
>on ther. The only show remotely would be Katy Brown but I wouldn't call her
>show a garden show.
>Penny do you remember the names of the shows? Just curious, no biggie if you
>Kris P 
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