Re: [gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 11:12:31 -0600

"David G. Smith" wrote:

> I've been wondering about those hyacinth beans.  Are they any good to eat?
> One place I read that they were edible when small, but I got the impression
> they were mainly an ornamental plant.

Many folks grow them as ornamentals but the bean and the leaves are edible
according to everything I have read on them. I figure we can have the beauty of
the vines and blooms and then eat what we want of them. <BG>

> I did a little gardening here yesterday.  I turned under the wheat and rye
> that were planted in the fall, put some compost on the asparagus bed, and
> optimistically planted a row of snow peas.  Probably they'll just rot in
> there but you never know.  I had fun, anyway.
> David
> Sure wish we could grow snow peas, it gets to hot to quick down here in Zone
> 9b. We only had a small success with them one year when we had a late spring
> and it stayed cool until March. Our winter usually comes between January 15
> and February 15th here and we have less than 250 chill hours a year.