[gardeners] Nice day

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 21:22:42 -0600

It was a very nice day here, bright sunshine and cool. We managed to get
a few things done in the garden despite the nice weather. ;-) I did
manage to repot my bay tree into a much bigger pot and am still debating
as to whether to plant it out or not. The bay should do well here in
Zone 9b but I would hate to lose a three foot tree that I grew from a
stick of 3 inches. Also got a row of green beans planted, wanted
Kentucky Wonder bush but the garden center was out. Planted Contender
bush beans instead. Haven't grown them in years but remember them as
prolific and stringless. Put in another row of radishes, French
Breakfast this time, and opened a few more rows to allow the soil to
warm up a bit more prior to planting tomatoes, etc. Think I'll hold the
chiles a bit longer and wait until we get consistently warmer days. Did
remember to disconnect four seedling rosemary plants from the mother
plant and potted them up. Laid down six more limbs in trenches to start
another batch for next year.

Miz Anne has about a ton of flower seed laid out on the counter and I'm
wondering, nay nervous, about where she intends to plant them. I know
flowers are food for the soul but I'm worrying about getting food for
the body in the ground right now.

Sleepy Dawg worked herself down today guarding us and sniffing things
around the yard. Not to mention running the squirrels and mocking birds
off. I think those two varmints were scoping out what we were planting
for later raids. I don't mind the mockers pecking a 'mater or two as
they eat lots of bugs but I have discovered no useful aspect of the ever
present tree rat yet. I suppose people who don't garden like to watch
them scurry about but I'm not one of them. Thank goodness for busy
little Rat Terriers. Sleepy got an extra dog treat this evening for her
work and is now asleep on the couch next to Miz Anne, who is watching
the latest version of "Alice In Wonderland."

'Tis time to take the insulin shot and the heart pills and then it's off
to beddy bye for me. Life is good.