Re: [gardeners] spring? humbug!

George Shirley (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:43:32 -0600

margaret lauterbach wrote:

> We're in the interregnum here, more rain expected this afternoon, but the
> temps are in the 50s so the grass is greening up.  Some of my species
> crocus is up.  We got a new pruning head for the pole pruner, put that on
> more easily than Chuck expected, so he went out to start pruning the
> vegetative growth out of the tops of the apricot trees.  I went outside and
> asked if he had seen the species crocus flowers.  "No," he answered
> affably.  "The ones you're standing on," I added.  I suggested he leave the
> branches on that side of the tree for a later pruning.  I have a ton of
> paperwork and stuff to do inside right now, and am recovering from a bad
> cold.  I hope recovering.  Mucus manufacturing plant certainly worked
> overtime.
> I think our Lennox furnace has been "recalled."  Repairman is on his way to
> install free upgrade freely.  Maybe it's a Y2K problem.  Later -- no, it's
> a safety problem.  I'd certainly love to be outside cleaning out herb beds,
> but alas.  Doesn't help much when George tells us how much fun he's having.
>  I can almost smell the dirt.  Margaret L

I've been busy building a teepee for my scarlet runner beans and trying to find
the ideal place for the new kumquat tree. Anne wants to put it in the front
yard but I can just see one of my grandsons running over it because that's
where they usually park. Think I'll put it in the back as that is the south
side of the house anyway.

The lageneria goes in the ground today if I can remember to put the netting up
on the steel fence posts and I might just plant some other stuff too. Checked
on my Ponderosa lemon seeds I planted a while back and 5 of the 6 planted are
up and growing. Several friends have asked for plants if we get any so we'll
nurse these little fellers along.

Gotta go back outside.