Re: [gardeners] Thursday - in the garden for a bit (
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 08:35:15 EST

Yesterday I took my first drive since the first of December and the first of
my 2 knee replacemenmts.  It was good to be out on my own.  I really had no
place I wanted to go so I just drove around the lake I live on and enjoyed
being independent again.  When I returned I noticed a clump of gold crocus
under my bedroom window.  The Ice finally left the lake the day before.  Soon
I may talk my husband into going out in the canoe.  That will be hard for me
to get into but it was hard before the surgery because of the stiffness and
pain.  Last evening about 100 robins showed up in the trees in front of the
house.  They were very active and noisy and settled down at dusk in  the 30 ft
tall arborvite hedge along the side of the property. I guess spring is here in
central MA but look out today it is now 27 degrees and big snowstorm predicted
for today and tomorrow.  This morning there is a bufflehead duck on the lake
diving for his breakfast.  I'm feeling good and now anxious to be out in this
wonderful world.
Anne in MA