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Bill Loke wrote:

> Around here the time to plant peas is when the leaves on the lilacs are the
> size of a mouse's ear. FWIW
> Friends are the flowers in the Garden of LIfe
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> >I have a similar question about planting times, except for the Boston
> >area.  It's been quite warm here, too--crocus are blooming, other bulbs
> >popping up, but no leaves as of yet on the lilacs--and I'm not sure when
> >to plant my peas or transplant my sweet peas.  Any suggestions?
> >
> >Felicia
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Theoretically, and according to the Louisiana Extension Service, our last frost
date is February 18th. According to the old timers it's often best not to plant
until after St. Patrick's Day due to the possibility of late frosts. I start
putting seeds in the ground at the end of February and if a frost threatens it
won't be a hard one so I cover them with leaves or visqueen (polyethylene

Today I'm planting crowder peas, edible gourds, and a new peach tree Miz Anne
wanted. This peach tree only requires 150 hours of chilling time, ie hours
under 45F, so it will bear here on the coast. If all of the fruit trees we've
planted in 1998-99 start bearing next year we will be covered in fruit. The
Ponderosa lemon is covered in bloom right now and it looks like another bumper
crop of big, ugly lemons again.

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