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Hi Bonnie,

Regarding your research of cooperative extension offices, this site has 
contact information for many if not all of them, hope this helps.

John Graff

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     I am working on a web page for the gardentalk egroups list. On this
page I have been researching and finding the URLS for the cooperative
extension offices in each of the different states. Each of the links should
lead a person to the horticulture or garden related area of the extension
service. Some of them are hard to find and some are just impossible!
     I am trying to do this alphabetically and am down to the M's so far.
The only M right now is Maine. I plan on adding more URL links this weekend
if I have time.
     The extension service in many states are outstanding sources of
information. Some states are not worth zip but you deal with what you get 
the specifics of your state. Don't hesitate to go check out another state
for good general growing info on many things.
     I hope this will be a help for some of you and check back once a week
or so and I will try to have more URL's handy. Here is the page so you can
see if there is something you can use.


Felicia Herman wrote:

> I have a similar question about planting times, except for the Boston
> area.  It's been quite warm here, too--crocus are blooming, other bulbs
> popping up, but no leaves as of yet on the lilacs--and I'm not sure when
> to plant my peas or transplant my sweet peas.  Any suggestions?
> Felicia