Re: [gardeners] Planting Times--MA

William McKay (
Sat, 06 Mar 1999 19:34:18 PST

The traditional date for planting peas around Boston is St Patricks Day.  
My experience over the years is sometimes you can do it then, sometimes 
the ground is still frozen.  Last year, I planted peas on 1 April.  If I 
remember correctly, two days later we had a foot of snow.  Peas did ok, 
however.  I think to be safe, unless you are in a very warm 
microclimate, somewhere around 1 April is a safe date.

Bill McKay in Winchester

>I have a similar question about planting times, except for the Boston
>area.  It's been quite warm here, too--crocus are blooming, other bulbs
>popping up, but no leaves as of yet on the lilacs--and I'm not sure 
>to plant my peas or transplant my sweet peas.  Any suggestions?

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