Re: [gardeners] planting time in New England

George Shirley (
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 17:01:11 -0600

Jill Fyffe wrote:

> An old gardener that has lovely sweet peas told me you are suppose
> to plant them on Good Friday. . . .she lives in Peterborough same as
> me and since I have followed her "rule" my sweet peas have been
> great.  We can still be very cold then and get snow but it doesn't
> seem to bother the seeds.
> I love sweet peas!!
> Jill

I've been following all of the "planting times" posts with interests. I
live and garden in SW Louisiana, USDA Zone 9b, we plant greens all
winter, peas and beans when we get around to them ie the ground can be
worked, tomatoes, peppers, etc. again when the ground warms up. This can
be about anytime after February 18th around here. Suspect a lot of you
would never be able to put stuff in the ground that early but if we wait
the bugs and the heat will get them.