[gardeners] NE Rule

Byron.Bromley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 12:48:57 -0500

NE Gardeners, 
For 35 years I followed the old Plant on Memorial Day Rule.
I could not figure out why I had Lousy Cauliflower, broccoli
Cabbage, peas, lettuce, spinach and onions, My carrot and beets
were tough
  Then I recieved a Stokes Seed catalog, their growers guide said
these plants need cool soil. Some books even say spinach and
lettuce germinate poorly above a soil temp of 68F 
  To extend this into flowers, Read the seed package very carefully
If it says "Plant as soon as the soil can be worked" this means that
they are frost hardy and need cool soil to germinate.
  Another benefit  from early plant out, it gets all your small seeds
planted before mosquitoes and black flies are out. It's easier to
plant carrots with out black flies climbing in and out of all body