[gardeners] Re: Saturday in the garden

penny x stamm (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 18:35:10 -0500

BSK, I loved your grandmother with the walking stick pulling the 
wagon -- I had two grandmas who could cook a wonderful dinner, 
but the only lettuce they ever saw came from the urban grocery store. 

My mother's green thumb was growing snake plants. We moved every 
2 years, and every apartment had corner shelves with those tall, green,
striped thingamajigs on 'em.

I was the first family member who showed an interest in the growing
potential of seeds. When I was about 8, we spent a summer out on 
Long Island, and one day I slipped outside with a fistful of green peas
that had funny white tails on them, and with my finger, poked some
holes and dropped in a pea. Yup, they all came up -- and that started
my career as an avid backyard truck farmerette. 

I'm not quite 90 but I'm pushing it -- no cane, but indeed, I DO need a
new wheelbarrow!  Perhaps one will materialize from the back of a
station wagon, when the kids come home once again... 

Penny, NY zone 6,  23 degrees    

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