[gardeners] planting times

c.l. avery (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 08 Mar 1999 22:43:21 PST

Heh heh --- those tomatos on Viagra could be named the Bob Dole variety.  
Very funny Byron, and thanks for all the planting time lore that you 
passed on.  I'd not heard of most of them.  And thanks again for looking 
up the planting date for me -- March 29th feels right to me, now that 
you mention it.  Of course, I don't know what I'm doing out there in the 
dirt -- other than watching it ball up into clay blobs. (am new to 

Margaret -- peaweevils?  Ewwwwww......I don 't know what they are but I 
already don't like them.

Zone 7b

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