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All of them do. You may be thinking of the sugar pod or snow peas. Some of
these are *Super Sugar Pod, Little sweetie, *Oregon Giant, *Mammoth Sugar
Pod, Dwarf gray Sugar. Asterisks indicate tall fencing needed (up to 8
Sugar snaps on the other hand include the original *Sugar Snap which I grow
because they keep coming until fall. All the others are determinate or dwarf
varieties. These are Sugar Ann, Sugar Daddy, Cascadia, Sugar Lace in the
order they were introduced after Sugar Snaps. I have found that these
varieties are cleaned off after two or three pickings. I grow the Alderman
(telephone) peas for the same reason in that we can usually pick enough
fresh peas for supper up until frost.  These are the only varieties I am
familiar with and there are undoubtibly others. HTH

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Subject: [gardeners] Re: Sugar Snaps

>>If the sugar snaps are the standard ones, they are being conservative
>>at 6 feet. The other sugar snaps such as Sugar Ann, Sugar Dad,
>>and Super Sugar Snaps are all much shorter but  they don't produce
>>the quality or quantity.
>>Bill Loke
>Bill -- which of these four sugar snaps produce the tender fat peas
>inside their shell..?  Some are very flat....
>Penny, NY zone 6
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