[gardeners] Gourds

Ed Wise (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 06:39:37 -0600

We received edible gourd seeds from George last week, and they are already
up!  We had 100% germination.
Thank you, George, for the seeds and the information.

We would also like to get some bird house gourd seeds.  I do not have a
botanical name, but my Aunt used to grow them in her garden in Central
Texas, and then take them out to the "unimproved" area of her land to dry.
There were always nests inside in the spring.  Does anyone have a source?
Or another name so I can keep looking?

Glad we resisted the temptation to plant outdoors while it was sunny and 78.
Currently 29 with a wind chill factor in the low teens, just South of

Kim Wise