Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #480 (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 11:15:50 EST

I have some extra seeds of ethnic veggies.  Recently while in India, Burma,
Thailand, and Italy I purchased some veggie seeds.  I have some extras if
anyone wants to do a trade.  I have:

Brinjal (Neelamlong) long eggplants
Radish (Pusa Rashmi) long white radish
Tomato (F2-Damayanti) VT 946 tomato

Gardener's Delight Cherry type tomato

Pumpkin/Kapachoa type
Eggplant/green & white golf ball size
Eggplant green pea size grows in clusters/bitter great in curry
Siamese bitter gourd
Water Vegetable/great in Stir fry

Pomodoro Cuor di Bue (heart shape tomato)
Pomodoro Nano Roma V. F. (great Paste tomato)
Cicoria Rossa di Verona a Palla (Ball Red Chicory-I think actually Radicchio)

I have also small quantities of some Burmese veggies and other Southeast Asian
herbs.  As you can see I am interested in growing what I can't just walk in
Safeway and find.  I have French melons growing, lemon grass, several Thai and
Italian Basils, Asparagus-Peas, and at least 15 tomato varieties.  I will
plant beans in a couple of weeks.

I am looking for seeds for I think it's maybe Italian Beans.  They are a shell
bean, maybe Berlotti's.  My dad grew them and they were a shell bean.  The
shell was very colorful when mature.  (Red & White I think).  His neighbor had
given him the seed and he was from Sicily.  I still grow his long red Italian
hot peppers.