[gardeners] Monday blues and news

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 12:03:51 -0600

Was asked to report on hummers arriving. Noted one little male Ruby
Throat a few days ago and got the feeders ready. Have had a couple of
male RT's flying around them all morning and one I believe may be a
Black Chinned male. The females won't be far behind now, first good wind
blowing from the SW and the hummers will be buzzing across the Gulf from
Mexico and points further south.

Iris report - the Louisiana beardless are in bloom now. The bronze were
the first to bloom and now the dark purple with the yellow throat are
opening up. The white bearded is open now and fading quickly. Still
waiting for the bearded purple and lavender iris' to open up but they're
in more shade than the others.

The azaleas are dropping their blossoms now so guess we go back to what
looks like a puny sage brush now. Miz Anne likes the things so we still
have a few, personally I wouldn't give you a dollar for all the azaleas,
gardenias, and bridal wreath in the world. The calendulas are blooming
their hearts out and I'm about to go and pick a bucket full of blooms to
dry and use in healing salve. The Shirley Poppies are still growing but
no bloom stalks as yet. The Gerbera daisies are in full bloom and
beautiful as are the Calla lilies. I keep hoping it's spring and the
@#$%^& weatherman keeps throwing frost at me. Gotta get those tomato
plants outta the greenhouse soon, they're starting to set blooms.