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Tue, 16 Mar 1999 11:16:10 EST

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>  I was working on a civilian ship with a philipino crew last Sunday. They
>  were bundled up like we used to be back in Mass in March. Temp was 50.
>  Guess it's part of where you're from and how thin your blood is. I've lived
>  in northern Alaska and Hawaii compliments of the Coast Guard. I'll stick
>  with Hawaii any day.

I know I am usually a lurker, but had to comment.  Todays High temperature was
about 60*F.  I was unable to get warm all day, even with an extra shirt and
sweatshirt on.  I will admit that the windows were open and the heat was not
turned on.  This evening I sit here at the computer and it is about 60*F in
the house, but I now have on longjohns under my jeans with two pairs of socks
and the above extra shirt and sweatshirt.  It is going down to about 40*F
tonite and the heat will be turned on, and an extra blanket on the bed.  

I will not cover the plants outside, however, as the blankets have been washed
and stored for summer up in the attic.  I can only hope that the
Clerodendrums, Orchids and Frangipani (Plumeria) will survive.  The oranges
are all in blossom and should be okay til morning.  Most of the rest that is
planted outside is supposed to be hardy here in zone 9, or has not emerged
from it's winter dormant state.  

This is just to cold for March weather.
Anne in FL
zone 9b