Re: [gardeners] lily bulbs

Olin (
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 19:35:12 -0700

We find the "seasonal" garden specials at the Costcos are usually out of
sync with our seasons.  But there are some pretty good buys if you have a
place to keep the stuff until the right time (as in the fridge for some

I think the official name of Holland is The Netherlands but citizens usually
refer to it as Holland because early in the 19th century, Belgium and
Holland were both parts of The Netherlands and calling it Holland makes it
unambiguous.  The language of the Flanders region of Belgium is still Dutch
(rest of Belgium speaks French) but their language is less guttural and
easier to understand and speak (for US types) than the Northern Dutch
version.  Most bulbs from the Netherlands are from "Holland"  BTW, their
national flower is the daffodil (not the tulip).  -Olin

From: margaret lauterbach <>
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 10:51 AM
Subject: [gardeners] lily bulbs

>>Went to Costco yesterday, and they have a supply of lily bulbs, dahlia
>>tubers, etc., from "Holland."  Wonder why they don't call it the
>>Netherlands.  Anyway, my friend and I did some damage to our checkbooks
>>rather thoroughly went over the selections.  We could see a lily that had
>>white center, but red on the outer part of the petals that we wanted but
>>couldn't reach.  She's taller than I and helped herself to a dividing wand
>>(for separating people's stuff on the cashier's belt) to extend her reach.
>>Aha!  Success!  Each of us got some yellow double Asiatic lilies called
>>Fata Morgana, dahlias, etc.  We're going to share our goodies with each
>>other so that we get some of each.  They're about $9 per bag, I think 15
>>bulbs per bag.  If you're interested, check your Price/Sams/whatever club
>>that is really related to Costco.  I don't think selections will last very
>>long.  Margaret L